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Doctor Thorne // movie review

I watched this movie for the second and third time just the other week so while the memory of it is still fresh in my mind, I thought I'd give you some of my thoughts on it. 

I realize this is the soundtrack case not the dvd case, but I liked
it so I decided to use it anyway.  :)
~The Story~

(Following summary taken from the back of the DVD)

Doctor Thorne lives a quiet life with niece Mary in Greshamsbury, home of the Gresham family.  Unbeknownst to others, the Greshams have lost their fortune and the snobbish matriarch Lady Arabella has a scheme to regain it via an arranged marriage with her son and an American heiress.  However, her son is in love with Mary, which complicates Lady Arabella's plans. 

(Poor Lady Arabelle.  <cough>  Not.  Actually, seeing her plans thwarted was an absolute delight and pleasure.  ;))

Doctor Thorne is based off of the novel by the same name written by Anthony Trollope, a contemporary of Charles Dickens.  I'd never actually heard of Anthony Trollope until my brother introduced me to the movie, but apparently he wrote an enormous amount of novels.  And apparently they're really good, too, because he is now a new favorite author of my brother and sister-in-law.  :) 

Anyway, about the movie.  I like this movie.  It doesn't come up to the standard of Pride and Prejudice and Emma of course (for one thing it really should have been longer), but there's a lot of excellent characters in it and the story itself is entertaining.  It has a bit of a comedic feel to it, some of the characters being more exaggerated and caricatured than in other period dramas, but there are definitely some serious and touching moments as well. 

The main plotline is centered around Mary and Frank's romance and Lady Arabella's attempts to keep them apart (as stated in the above synopsis).  Mary has known the Gresham family all her life and has practically been an adopted member of the family, which makes it all the worse when Lady Arabella suddenly turns against her because of her love for Frank.  It was all right for Mary to be a childhood playmate for the Gresham children, but to be the wife of the Greshams' only son?  Never. 

Despite the fact that Mary and Frank's romance takes center stage throughout the film, Doctor Thorne would really be considered the main character.  (Which is cool because how often do you have a middle-aged single man as the main character?  Am I right?)  I guess you could say that the story is sort of seen through Doctor Thorne's eyes, and as he's involved in all the characters lives he naturally becomes involved in all their secrets and intrigues. 
There's much more to story than what I'm mentioning here, but I don't think it's quite the thing to tell the entire story in one's review so...I'll refrain. 
~The Characters~   

Mary Thorne

I like Mary, though I do think her character could have been a bit more fleshed out.  She's very sweet and very kind (which is how she's supposed to be of course), but sometimes her reactions to things seemed a bit cold to me (like her response to a certain gentleman's death for instance?).  Perhaps though that's simply in keeping with her character and personality, as she does seem to be the sort of person who stuffs her feelings in an attempt to be strong for everyone else.   (Still, I would have liked to see a bit more emotion from her all the same.)
Frank Gresham

Oh!  I love Frank.  He's just cool.  The first time I watched the movie I admit I thought of him as more of a one-dimensional Mr. Nice Guy, but on a second viewing I discovered a lot more depth to his character.  He's actually quite funny.  And I love how doesn't care a fig about money.  He wants to marry Mary.  So she's poor.  So what?  <spoilers> And even when he discovers she's a rich heiress it makes no difference to him whatsoever.  He doesn't get awkward and start the whole "now I'm not worthy of you because you're richer than me" thing.  No indeed.  <end spoilers>  He loves her and if she'll have him he'll marry her.  It's as simple as that. 
Augusta Gresham
I didn't care for Augusta at first.  For one thing, she's a tattler and sides with her mother against Frank and Mary.  But as the movie goes on I do start to feel for her somewhat and to root for her.  And yeah, they definitely could have had a more satisfactory ending for her in my opinion.
Beatrice Gresham 
She's the nice sister.  She stands up for Frank and Mary from the first and doesn't seem to be overly concerned about the family's position or whether they're able to save the estate or not.  
Lady Arabella Gresham
Everybody's favorite person.  (Not.)  She's a very strong-willed woman with a  very high opinion of herself and her family's position.  Which is why it's so hard for her to come to terms with the fact that they owe practically the entire value of their estate to the neighboring baronet, Sir Roger Scatcherd, who could call in the debt at just about any moment and take over their home without a second thought.  That is why Frank must "marry money".  It's essential to the well-being of the family.  And Lady Arabella will not rest until she sees that mission fulfilled.  (Poor Frank.)
Francis Gresham
Squire of Greshamsbury.  Father to Frank, Augusta and Beatrice.  Husband to <gulp> Lady Arabella.  (Such a happy couple they are.)  (Yes, that was sarcasm.)  Mr. Gresham has unfortunately spent his money recklessly and foolishly over the years and is therefore much to blame in the family's present uncomfortable circumstances.  He's a kind hearted gentleman though.  And a good friend of Doctor Thorne's.  He feels badly about his wife's treatment of Mary but doesn't have the gumption to stand up to her, especially as their ill-fortune is the root of the problem, and that was mostly his fault.
Countess de Courcy
(That other lady we all love so much.  Ha.)  She's married to Lady Arabella's brother, the Earl de Courcy, and has made it her mission to help Lady Arabella in saving the Gresham family from ruin.  In other words she's picked a wife for Frank and she's going to keep at him until he "does his duty."  Some of the scenes with her are actually quite funny because she treats Frank like a little boy that must be guided in his every move and Frank, finding it hard to be patient with her, can't keep the sarcasm out of his voice much of the time.
Earl de Courcy
(Sorry.  Couldn't find a very good picture of him.)  Anyway, this is the Earl de Courcy, husband to the Countess de Courcy, brother to Lady Arabella, and...that's about it.  There's not much more to know about him really.
Lord Porlock
Son of the Count and Countess de Courcy.  Cousin to Frank.  Admirer of Miss Dunstable (who I haven't mentioned yet), and yeah, I think that pretty much covers it.  I haven't much of an opinion on him because there isn't much to have an opinion on.  (But pray, what kind of a name is Porlock?!  Sounds like "potluck" or "pork chop" or "poor luck" or something.)  (Did you have poor luck finding a pork chop at the potluck my good Porlock?  Mwahaha!  I'm so funny today.  ;P)
Lady Alexandrina
Daughter of the Count and Countess de Courcy, and *shivers*...just as bad as her mother.  Such an annoying person.  Let's not even talk about her.
Mr. Moffatt
Augusta Gresham's rich fiancé.  (Temporarily at least.)  (Ooops.  That was a spoiler, wasn't it?)  Anyway, he's a "thorough-paced reformer".  (A "thorough-paced reformer.")  A horrible public speaker.  And I don't know.  I don't really care about him that much, but I do feel sorry for him when he steps up to make his speech.  *gulp*  Poor man.  That was so incredibly awkward.
Miss Dunstable
A rich American heiress and Aunt de Courcy's chosen bride for Frank Gresham.  She's great though.  She jokes about her lovers and all the proposals she's expecting to get and then comes right out and tells Frank to admit it, it's not her beauty but her dollars that is so attractive to men.  She's very down-to-earth and refreshing, and she and Frank actually become friends.  But oh! poor Aunt de Courcy.  She sees them talking and laughing together and is sure everything is going according to plan.  How was she to know that Frank was telling Miss Dunstable all about Mary and Miss Dunstable actually encouraging him not to give her up?  To come so close and to fail so dismally.  Sorry, Aunt de Courcy.
Sir Roger Scatcherd
He's a complicated character.  Rough and prideful and not much caring of other people's feelings.  He drinks too much and is harsh and rude to his wife; and yet now and then you do see some glimmerings of a kind heart underneath.  There's a lot more to his story but I'm not sure how much to say for fear of spoilers.  I don't mind spoilers myself but some people seem to think they ought not to be revealed.  So.  We move on.
Louis Scatcherd
A charming fellow.  (Okay, maybe not.)  He likes to think he's charming but I'm afraid he does very little to prove it.  Sadly he takes after his father in the matter of drink and being rude to his mother, and for most of the movie he makes you very nervous because you're not sure what horrible thing he's going to do.  Naturally he decides he wants to marry Mary, and (naturally again) she doesn't share is enthusiasm.  So he's mad.  And jealous of Frank.  And all that.  And we just wish he could go jump down a well, right?  Uh, yeah.  That is until you start to realize that he really did have a lot stacked against him growing up with a father like Sir Roger.  And then when his last scene comes...but, 'hem, no spoilers.  All that to say I was totally feeling sorry for him by the end and I wish things could have been different for him.
Lady Scatcherd
Such a sweet, adorable person.  She has a hard time of it, considering the men in her life, but she's a sweet soul.  And what's really cool about her is that she loves her husband and son very much despite their ill treatment of her.
Doctor Thorne
Last, but certainly not least!  Doctor Thorne.  Ohhhhh!  He's the best!  Literally my favorite character in the whole movie.  (Well he is the hero after all.)  He's such a wonderful person.   So calm and reasonable and considerate.  And yet at the same time, he's not perfect.  He does get angry and he's not entirely immune to holding grudges--for a time at least.  But then he's so forgiving too.  His friendship with Sir Roger is a huge example of that.  <spoilers> Because Sir Roger killed Doctor Thorne's brother, but Doctor Thorne is reasonable enough to look at the case from all angles, to concede that Sir Roger didn't mean to do it, and to look past it and see the good in Sir Roger despite everything.  That's just really amazing to me.  And I love that about Doctor Throne. <end spoilers>  He's very tender-hearted and considerate of other people's feelings.  When Louis Scatcherd tells of his plans to make Mary his wife, Doctor Thorne doesn't douse him right off the bat, he merely cautions him to take his time and not rush into anything.  (Even though we all know that the doctor would never want Mary to marry Sir Louis.)  He let's things take their course and gives advice only when he thinks it's absolutely necessary. 

Well, I guess that covers just about all the characters.  I hope that proved somewhat interesting.  And now I find I haven't much else to say so I'll draw this post to a close.  I highly recommend this movie if you're looking for a new, fun period drama to watch.  And if you're one of those people who watches movies more for the costumes than for the story itself well, here's a few pictures to get you interested.  :)
I'd say there's some pretty dresses in there, wouldn't you? 
Caution: On the subject of dresses, there are a few with very low necklines.  Just wanted to make you aware of that in case that's something you're uncomfortable with.  (Of course if you watch movies like Pride and Prejudice and Amazing Grace I think I can safely say this one would be okay, too.  :))
A final picture of Mary and Doctor Thorne because it seems fitting to end on them.

 And now, have you seen this movie?
What did you think of it?
Do you have any good suggestions of other period dramas I should see?

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Another of those "let-me-make-excuses-for-my-forthcoming-absence" kind of posts...

Well, friends I've decided.  I think.  (At least I am attempting to decide.) 
(Oh Miss Woodhouse please, please do influence me!)

*squares shoulders and looks determined*
I have made up my mind.  

(There I said it.)

For a while now I've been feeling that something has to give.  I've just been so overwhelmed by all the things I have to do, trying to keep up with everything, and yada, yada, yada.  And so I think it really is necessary for me to take a bit of a break from blogging.  A half break at least.   Which means--in short (now I feel like Mr. Micawber)--that I shall not be commenting on anyone's posts for an indefinite period of time. 

(Do you think I'm right?)
Okay.  Now I feel like a rotten friend. 
Why of course you do!  To not comment on your friends' posts?!  Miss March, what callousness is this?!

You really ARE...a rotten friend.  *withering look*
I know.  But reasons, people.  There are reasons! 
1. I have a tendency to put too much pressure on myself to comment on every single post my friends write, and it's gotten to the point that I can't even enjoy reading the posts like I normally would because I'm always jumping ahead, thinking about what I should say in my comment!  Like I should be feeling happy when a new post pops up, not feeling discouraged because "oh no! now I have to write something in response!"  You know what I mean?

2. I have a pile up of posts that I very much want to buckle down and write, because pile ups of any kind stress me out!  But commenting always seems to take precedent over that for some reason.  There's just so many blogs to keep up with and so many posts, and yeah, only one of me.  But I really want to tackle some of the posts that have been languishing in my drafts for months (and some of the new ones that are just now taking shape in my brain) and as I can't do it all well...something has to go.

3. I realize that this stress to comment on every post is an expectation that I'm putting on myself.  I know, and you know, that not one of us has time to comment on everything.  But still the expectation is there, and so other things get dropped in order to at least try and meet it.  I guess it's because I worry that if I don't comment someone may take it personally, thinking that I didn't like their post.  Or (and this is the selfish, bratty person in me coming out) that if I don't keep up with other people's blogs, everyone's going to forget about me, and my blog will just sail away into utter oblivion.  (Probably where it needs to be at this juncture.)

Am I making any sense?  (I'm not even sure that point 3 should have been a point at all.  Oh well.) 

Basically, what I'm trying to say is this, it's really hard to start picking and choosing between which posts I should comment on and which I shouldn't so I think I need to stop commenting all together for a  time and then work my way back in gradually and in a more stress free manner.   I just want to make sure you all know that I care about you!  And that my not commenting on one of your posts does NOT mean that I didn't like it...(oh, I don't know why I'm even explaining this.  I'm sure you all understand what I'm trying to say.)

So yeah.  That's that.  I just wanted to let you all know that I'm going to be dropping out of the commenting world for a  bit.  I feel really tired and disoriented and I need a chance to catch my breath and refocus.  Hopefully I'll be able to post more often in the meanwhile, but we'll see how that goes.  
Thank you all for being such amazing friends!  I hope this post made sense.  And I hope you're all having a lovely, lovely week!! 
Yours truly,
Miss March
Did YOU understand this post?  Did YOU?  Honestly, THIS GIRL DRIVES ME NUTS!!!
(Okay, that was random.  But this picture made me laugh and I just had to think of some way to include it.  Heehee.  :D)

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

In which I find fault with the ending of North and South

Now hold on a moment!  Don't jump all over me.  I haven't even started yet!

You may come away from this post still thinking well of me.  You may indeed!  And if perchance you don't, well at least you won't have to have it on your conscience that you jumped all over a poor defenseless little person like me--who never did you any harm except to make a few derogatory remarks about your favorite movie.  (If it is your favorite movie, that is.)
I am quite aware of the fact that the ending scene of North and South is a highly romantic one and that if I had any sense at all I should be utterly swooning over it.  I mean really!  The epic meet-up in the train station!  Could there be anything more romantic than that?  And then the oh so romantic way in which Mr. Thornton removes that precious yellow flower from his pocket!  Doesn't it just sweep you off your feet?  And the kiss...ohhh!  Don't even get me started on the kiss.  
I reiterate.  If I had any sense at all I should be absolutely overcome by such a climactic finish.  Shouldn't I?  Shouldn't I?  (But then.  I haven't got any sense, have I Jip?)
So I plunge into a nitpicky post on the ending scene to North and South, sparing no one's feelings, making enemies for life, and impressing upon you all what a very obnoxious overly-opinionated person I am.

(Oh, but Natalie.  Just so you know, I do still like this movie.  And I was totally serious when I said I liked it the first time, too. I wasn't just saying that to make you feel good.  Really and truly I wasn't.  The only reason I'm picking it apart now is because...well, sometimes when you watch a movie a second time you start to notice things, you know?  And when you watch it with unappreciative brothers who snort at every other line, you notice things even more.  What else can I say?)

Explanations aside.  Here we go.
~ First off, I would just really like to know why.  Why?  Why at such a time, right after he's lost his business, right when he should be home comforting his mother and being comforted by her--not to mention making plans for the future--why does Mr. Thornton suddenly find it imperative to take a trip down south to visit the place where Margaret grew up?  It just seems so random to me!  Like would that really be his natural response after all that had happened?

I went to her old home, picked a flower, and everything was fine!
(Don't ask me why.  I just did it.  And it worked.)
~ And then of all the coincidences, Margaret just happens to be taking a trip at the same time as Mr. Thornton, their two trains just happen to stop at the station at the very same moment, and Margaret just happens to decide to get out and stretch her legs and wala!  There's Thornton!  Well, hello!  Let's have ourselves a talk.  Here on the train platform.  Because...why not?  We haven't talked in a while.  That would be fun.
~ (Oh! now I know why Thornton went to see Margaret's old home!  It was so that they could meet up on the return journey.  Why else?)  (A very clever trick of the directors, that.)

~ So they come face to face, and Margaret says she's been to Milton because...I don't know, can you think of anything better for her to say?  And then Mr. Thornton replies, "You'll never guess where I've been," while pulling a yellow rose out of the pocket of his vest.  (Because he's either in a very romantic mood or a very random mood.  I don't know.  Personally I don't know many guys who go around carrying roses in their pockets!)  Of course Margaret can guess where's he been because, you know, where else would that rose have come from but her dear old Helstone?  And she melts at the sight of it--because it's all so touching and romantic--and she remembers how she thought the roses were all gone and asks Mr. Thornton "Wherever did you find it?"  But I say, WHY did you find it?  Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't recall Margaret ever mentioning the roses to you before, sir.  HOW DID YOU EVEN KNOW THEY WERE SIGNIFICICANT TO HER ENOUGH TO MAKE YOU GO SEARCHING THROUGH THE HEDGEROWS TO FIND ONE???  Ahem.  (Oh, that's right.  The scriptwriter knew she was holding one on the train when the movie first started.  Margaret didn't have to tell you, because the scriptwriter tells you everything.  I forgot.  Sorry to be so dense.)

~ So then they sit down on the bench to talk because Margaret has a business proposition.  (And this is as good a time as any for discussing business right?  Right.)  Margaret declares she's going to save Mr. Thornton and his business (hurrah for Margaret!), but that she's doing it out of purely selfish motives and he will of course owe her nothing.  Then she kisses his hand and...I don't know somehow things don't look quite so business-like as they had at first.
~ And then!  And then!  All of a sudden there's a wealth of understanding between them.  Don't ask me how.  After months of  misunderstandings, practically no communication at all, and flip-flopping opinions of each other which would put anyone's head in a whirl, all of a sudden it's all forgotten!  They kiss!  And BOOM BANG ALL THE ROMANCE!!  (And all the squirming amongst the audience because...that kiss was mushy.  And way too drawn out.  Don't you know how to kiss, people?  Well then do it quickly and get it over with!  Please.) 

~ But what I really want to know is...HOW?  How is there such an understanding between them?  Why are they kissing when they've said barely a word to each other?  And WHY does Margaret immediately decide to go back to Milton with him?  I mean THE GUY (no, not Guy, just the guy...) HASN'T EVEN PROPOSED TO HER!!  Sure he kissed her, but what does that even mean???  Do you realize it's been over a year since his original proposal?  Rejected proposal's don't just hang around waiting until that magical moment when you decide to kiss and make up.   They don't!  After all this time there has got to be a second proposal.  It only makes sense.  And I for one did not see anything like a second proposal amidst all that kissing.  I'm sorry, but it wasn't there.  In real life people need to talk.  They need to hear things in a straightforward and clear manner.

~ On that note, Margaret and Mr. Thornton, why can't you talk?!  Like ask each other some questions or something.  Communicate!  Kissing is all very well (actually no, it's rather icky -coughcough-) but in the long scheme of things it really accomplishes very little.  I mean neither of you even thought to ask the other anything like, "How are you doing?"  or "What are you thinking?"  "Do you really still love me?"  or even "Who are you?!"  Because honestly, if you think about it, YOU HARDLY KNOW EACHOTHER!  You've exchanged like what?  Ten sentences with each other since you first met?  And most of those argumentative ones?  WHY DO YOU EVEN LOVE EACHOTHER ANYWAY?? I don't get it.  (Oh, forgive me.  I forgot.  The directors.  And the author.  They said you were to love each other, so love each other you must.  That's fair enough I guess.)

~ On a side note, why did Henry Lennox have to be along on this trip?  He's so pointless.  Nobody cares about him.  But yet we have to look at his sour, disappointed lover's face in the midst of the glad reunion between the hero and the heroine.  What a great way to detract from the romantic mood you're trying to set.  Three cheers, filmmakers!
Yes, why did he have to come along?

~ Oh, and one more thing.  About Margaret.  Couldn't she at least look happy for once?  I mean like really, really happy? Because I just find it extremely hard to be moved by a romantic love scene in which the young lady has the same expression on her face she's worn throughout the entire film.  (Practically speaking anyway.)  JUST SMILE CAN'T YOU?!!  If Mr. Thornton can smile you certainly can.  And I mean a real smile.  Not a sorrowful little half smile, but a really, really happy smile.  Why can't this be done?  Is it really asking too much?

Okay.  I think I have thoroughly exhausted this subject and no doubt thoroughly exhausted my readers in the process.  Please forgive me for this rant-style post.   I'm afraid I get a little carried away sometimes. 
And please understand, there was a lot of sarcasm in this post.  I don't actually hate this movie.  Really I don't.

As a final thought though I would like to say that I agree with my brother.  They should have had at least one more scene in the movie.  A scene back in Milton--with the mill up and running again, all the workers back, Thornton and Margaret working together, and everyone happy for once in their lives.  I think that would have been a much better wrap-up to the story, and much more satisfying.  But that's just my humble opinion.  (Which humble opinion I have a feeling you're quite sick of by this point.)
Don't worry.  I'm leaving now. 

What is your opinion of all this?  Do you like the ending to this movie?  Do you think I have legitimate reasons for complaining about it, or do you think I've completely misunderstood the whole thing?  Tell me what you think!
P.S.  Anna and Natalie and everyone else who likes this movie.   You're still my friends, right?  You won't cast me off forever for being such a nitpicky person, will you?  ;)


Thursday, August 24, 2017

Summer Rambles

Originally I meant to give this post a much more extreme title, like "Aaaaaaaah!  HELP ME!"  or something along those lines.  But you all know how I hate to over-dramatize things so obviously I decided against that.  (And you all know I hate sarcasm, too, right?)
To cut to the chase, this is going to be a rambly, I-don't-know-what-to-call-it post, all about my crazy ridiculous summer and anything else that happens to blabber it's way onto the page.  Usually I like my posts to be well-thought out and organized, but considering that they take me such an enormously long time to write, I'm going to try to be a little more slap-dash about this one because...well because.  I do have things to do, people.   (Seriously. It's not like I sit in front of my computer all day long, you know.)

Oh dear.  Now I'm not even sure where to begin. 

Basically this summer has been super fun but super stressful, too.  You all know I got a new job, right?  Well...I actually got two new jobs.   How did that come about?  Well allow me to explain. 

So I started the first job (working as a front desk representative at a Christian retreat center), in June after I got back from the most exciting part of my summer (a visit to this girl here...which was an amazing time, friends, let me tell you!  :)).  The job was going along swimmingly for the first month or so, until we went away on vacation for a week to visit my grandparents.  (This happened in early July.)  Returning to work the day after we got home while being extremely sleep deprived, was not a good combination.  I was so sleepy the whole time I was at work and everything suddenly became extremely overwhelming, and I just knew, right then and there, that I wouldn't be able to do this.  This job just wasn't for me.  I went home with retirement plans formulating in my head.  (Retirement?  Ha.  More like plans for skedaddling as quickly as possible.)

There was another job I had applied for several months previously.  A job at a small café in a nearby town.  I hadn't gotten the job when I originally applied because they'd already hired all the help they needed at the time, but while we were on vacation they contacted me saying they were now hiring again and would be interested in considering me for a position.

So in the heat of discouragement over the one job, I decided to apply for the second job, thinking if I got it I could then work both jobs for a little bit, decide which I liked better, and drop the one I didn't like. 

Well, I got the second job.  I started working.  I recovered somewhat from my sleep deprivation and the first job somehow didn't look so bad anymore.  The second job however was stressing me out!!  It was too much.  It was all too much!  I was so sick of working jobs that were all new to me.  I was so tired of not knowing what to do and having to ask so many questions.  I was quitting.  One day more and then I was going to tell my boss that working two jobs was too much for me.  The café job would have to go.

I was a basket case, a complete basket case that one Saturday night when I got home from a four hour evening shift.  So tired and worn out and stressed, I cried hysterically (but as silently as I could) into my pillow that night, going over and over in my mind how I was going to tell my boss that I was quitting and whether quitting was even the right thing to do or whether I was giving up too soon.  I finally fell asleep feeling that I truly did have legitimate reasons to quit.  That I literally could not handle this much pressure.

The weeping and pity-partying continued into the next day.  I was working Sunday and I was sick of working Sundays!!  I wanted to go to church with my family.  I was feeling lonely and cut off from everyone and I'm afraid I gave my mom a time of it being so moody and dispirited.  Well, I went to work.  Because I had to.  And low and behold, I came home with a completely different perspective.

Had to admit to my mom that she was right all along.  I simply hadn't given it enough time.  It's not that I suddenly loved my job, but due to one thing and another it did suddenly became a whole lot more bearable.  And now I've adjusted my schedule to make sure I have Sundays and Mondays off most weeks and just knowing that I have a weekend is such a relief.  :)

So yeah.  I'm working two jobs.  I'm still in the learning process for both of them which has it's levels of stress.  And I still want to quit just about every other day (because I'm a wimp), but overall I think I'm going to survive it.  It's a matter of getting used to a new normal.  Accepting the fact that I do have less time at home, but that, that's how life goes.  It's a new phase of life and one that I need to embrace and work with, instead of pining for the way things used to be.   I know God opened these doors for me and I need to walk through them with a grateful heart and an attitude of anticipation for how He plans to use and grow me through this.  (There now.  There's your lecture for today, Miss March.  Put that in your pipe and smoke it.)  (But I don't smoke.)  (Details.)

Anyway, enough on that subject.  I'm sure you didn't come here to hear a bunch of boring details all about my working life, now did you?  (For that matter, what did you come here for?  Oh! you stumbled upon this blog by accident.  Well, I'm sorry.  You have my deepest condolences.) 


Summer, summer, summer.  It's almost over.  Did you realize that?  My siblings started back to school this week already.   (And now I will say an original thing.  Like Uncle Benjamin.)  "How time does fly!"

I called this post Summer Rambles, so now I feel I must ramble about something.  But dear me, now that I've gotten all that work nonsense off my chest I'm really not sure what there is left to talk about. 

Give me a minute.  I'll think of something. 

~ Oh yes!  After over a year's length of time I've finally finished reading Great Expectations to my brother.  It's a marvelous book.  Really.  I could find you some excellent quotes from that book, but I won't just now because unfortunately I don't have the time.  We started reading The Blue Castle just today.  It's great having a brother who lets me read aloud to him!  (Because I do love to read aloud.)

~ I also started reading Little Women aloud to two of my younger sisters.  That's been fun so far, though I guess we won't have as much time for it now that they're back in school.  Do any of you dear people like to read aloud? 

~ I cut my finger at work the other day.  That was ouch.  But mostly just annoying know.  :P

~ I'm currently reading Christy to myself, and it's such a good book!  Catherine Marshall has a really lovely style of writing.

~ Watched The Parent Trap (1961) about three times last week.  And ohh, what is it about some movies?  I've seen this one dozens of times before, but IT WAS SO GOOD THIS TIME!  I really, really liked it.  It's a comedy, but even in the midst of the comedy there's so much real, human emotion.  Like when the dad sees both of the twins together for the first time in years...he gets all teary eyed and oh! it's just so sweet!!  (And Sharon's conversation with Vickie?  Haha.  That was priceless.  "Surely you don't think I'd want to marry your father just for his money?"  "If the shoe fits wear it!"  ;))

~ Wow.  I am getting very nice and rambly now, aren't I?  I guess I'd better wrap this thing up before I put you entirely to sleep. 

So long my friends!  I hope you're all have a very lovely Summer! 
Any special plans for the Fall? 
Until next time...

I remain yours very truly,
Miss March

P.S.  Please overlook any errors in this post.  I'm afraid I'm in too much of a hurry to read it over as thoroughly as I usually do.  I have to be at work by 5:00 and I still need to get ready.  Yikes!  Must be off!

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

What do you think?

Hello, hello!
I'm afraid I've been rather neglecting my blog lately.  Well, not exactly neglecting it.  I have been working on posts periodically.  It's just that I have nothing much to show for it because...I haven't finished any posts lately.  It's the same old story.  I just can't seem to master the art of throwing a post together quickly. 
Ah well.
Anyway, this one should be quick enough because all I'm really hear to say is...I changed my blog look!   (Like you didn't already notice that.  ;P)
What do you think of it?  I rather like it.  Though at the same time I think it needs a little tweaking.  Not sure what it is, but for some reason I'm not entirely satisfied with it.  Oh well.  I haven't time to mess with it anymore so I guess it'll just have to stay as it is for now. 

Gotta run!  It's time for lunch and I need to leave for work in less than an hour!  Hope you all are having a great week!  Talk to you later!  :)